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SAB-IT DB is an business oriented database.

It provides logic reasoning capabilities making your data smarter by algorithmically computing new connections to your data.

Relational databases use costly join operations to create connections between entities, but SAB-IT DB‘s connections are primary objects in the database and hence provide fast querying capabilities on the data.

SAB-IT DB rule engine evaluates logical rules. It is based on a algorithm that is capable of inferencing over high throughput of concurrent inserts and delete operations in parallel. Its capabilities include reasoning over rdf metadata using configurable and dynamically modifiable rule sets and ontologies.

SAB-IT DB updates rules and changes without recalculation over large datasets.

SAB-IT DB supports custom rules as well as rule standards such as RDF Schema (RDFS) and Web Ontology Language (OWL). Using ontologies it is possible to enrich the metadata with for example equality expressions and cardinality restrictions.

SAB-IT DB rule engine can run against all incoming metadata as well as independently for smaller datasets with their own rule sets.

SAB-IT DB takes into account the context of search, location and the intent of queries to provide relevant search results. The technology refines data into critical information in real time.

Semantic search employ to better understand the context of a search. Is not just about simply discovering information any more, it’s about ordering the web into a coherent flow of information; how topics, themes, ideas, text, video, audio is connected and related to each other.

Keep on our website!

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We offer Sell&Buy IT-Solution Marketplaces to global and to regional software companies, IT service providers, web and mobile developers and digitalization service companies to sell and to buy products, services and solutions.

Quality Classification Provides Premium-Class Search, MatchWatcher (MW) And Compare Services face demand and supply in accordance market economy logic worldwide 24/7.

Our goal is to be the market leader in these context globally.

The second release includes

ERP of Transactions and Geographic Information System is a totally revolutionary Solution for data mining and analytics related business planning and implementation to optimize profits and to minimize costs.

ERP Voice Message includes automated voice notifications and many other ways to use marketplaces and to control Transactions Processes with unique Voice System.

More information: sellandbuyitsolution.com

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We offer Sell&Buy Company Marketplaces to global and to regional business owners connect with investors & advisors to sell, to buy or to franchise their business and assets.

Selling of buying your business, assets or seeking funds?

Looking for new business opportunities?

Interested in franchise or grow your brand?

Quality Classification Provides Premium-Class Search, MatchWatcher (MW) And Compare Services face demand and supply in accordance market economy logic worldwide 24/7.

ERP of Transactions and Geographic Information System is a totally revolutionary Solution for data mining and analytics related business planning and implementation to optimize profits and to minimize costs.

ERP Voice Message includes automated voice notifications and many other ways to use marketplaces and to control Transactions-processes with unique voice-system.

Even if your taste is very exquisite, our MatchWatcher (MW) will scan the whole database for you 24/7 – and it will notify you when your ideal match of sushi and Simpsons -loving rocket scientist is found!

Further Information: sellandbuycompany.com

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Digitalization has created for business and for national operating models new value chains that challenge traditional business models and enable completely new, globally scalable digital product and service innovations across traditional industry boundaries.

Digital marketplaces are an important part of the platform economy, where data is primarily a new raw material.

Marketplaces are becoming a major competitive factor globally and regionally.

Online marketplaces, so called sharing economic improve resource efficiency of economies, increase transparency, benefit competition and disrupt current economic structures.

Their share of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the western economies is estimated to rise to 25 percentage by 2025.

The GDP of Western market economies will account for more than 60% of services and only about 20% of products.

According to the Ecommerce Foundation report, in 2017, services accounted for 2.64 percent of global GDP in western countries through online marketplaces.

This clearly demonstrates the huge market potential of digital marketplaces.

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Industrial countries are committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to halt climate change. These are carbon dioxide, fluorine, methane, nitrous oxide and three industrial fluorine-compounds.

Global warming has been thought to be faster and now we need global engagement
to reduce emissions.

Organizations like the Emissions Trading Scheme of European Union will be expanding rapidly around the world and emissions trading will become international business.

Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced where it is the cheapest.

If emission allowances from the market are more favorable than the emission reduction measures in own production, it is preferable to acquire allowances from the market than to reduce their own emissions.

It is worthwhile to implement emission reduction measures that are cheaper than the emission allowance.

Companies have increased their corporate social responsibility by investing in cleaner technology and the acquisition of environmentally friendly products and solutions.

Emission rights can be bought and sold freely throughout the EU-wide market.

The price of the emission allowance is formed on the market in the same way as in other commodities trades.

Our global marketplaces offers great opportunities to search current and future emission trading units cost-effectively.

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Question Challenge Answer
Are you selling raw materials, components, products or services to companies? Are you looking for a cost-effective sales channel? Marketplaces are connecting sellers, buyers and service providers 24/7.
Did you know that design is an important part of the industry value chain? Do you want to sell your design services centrally? You can find new business opportunities at marketplaces.
Do you want to save on sales costs? Do you need to use your sales resource in multiple sales channels? Marketplaces are the solution for cost savings.
Do you want to know the sales and purchases on the market in real time? Do you know the market and new potential customers? Marketplace watchdogs know the market.
Do you want to find global and regional sales and purchases? Find suitable sales and purchases for yourself from marketplaces! Searching for marketplaces lets you quickly become aware of market demand and supply.
Do you want to find a one-time buyers for a sale? Do you want to save time and money? Our sales system is rapidly looking for potential buyers and logistics providers.
Do you need raw materials quickly? Does your production stop with raw material shortage? The raw materials exchange will find potential sellers of raw materials.
Is there a waste of resources in your production? Did you suprise the demand? For subcontracting services you can find a suitable subcontractor!
Do you want to know the market situation and price level? Did you buy too expensive? Marketplaces provide real-time information for your use.
Where do you find the horizontal raw materials? Are you spending time searching for raw materials? More than 3,600 product names on the raw material exchange will help you.
Where can I find the components? Do you waste your time searching the components? From Industrial Components you can find the solution you need for yourself!

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The GDP of Western market economies will account for more than 60% of services and only about 20% of industrial products.

Despite this trend, it is amazing that global B2B marketplaces do not include services or solutions.

At present, services and their providers operate on a global market, despite the legislative, linguistic or cultural differences.

Services are a great new business opportunity especially for small and medium sized companies.

Services do not consume natural resources in the same way as commodity production and do not need expensive and valuable logistics costs.

Digitalization offers great tools for providing services and who owns Nike on the left foot and Adidas on the right foot, will have a huge competitive edge ang clean the table.

Let me know if you want to hear more about B2B marketing new age solutions.

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Digitalization is challenging business structures and old ways of action irreversibly.

Customers want to know the prices and availability of products, services and solutions in real time without extra margin dividers.

There is no investment in stock, but nevertheless production wheels must be in motion to avoid losses.

Traditional vertical networks are not enough to meet the challenges of the future because the horizontal marketplaces are needed.

Marketplaces change industry value chains totally. Design, raw materials and components must be found 24/7. If after the manufacturing process there is a buyer for residues, the waste owner can obtain additional income and save on waste fees and their transportation costs, what a wonderful possibility to improve profitability.

Resource efficiency is also underpinned by the digital business: the most important parts of the service are produced intangibly online and mobile, although services are still consumed in a physical environment.

Marketplaces face seller and buyer, demand and supply in accordance with market economy logic.

If you are interested in industrial online marketing solutions, don´t hesitate contact us.

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EUBIA European Biomass Industry Association

ISWA International Solid Waste Association

CEWEP Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants

MWE Municipal Waste Europe

FEAD European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services

EDA European Demolition Association

Euromines European Association of Mining Industries, Metal Ores & Industrial Minerals

EuropaBion European Association of Biotechnology

BIO American Biotechnology Industry Organisation

AusBiotech Australia’s peak biotechnology industry association

EuroGeoSurveys European Geoscience for Society

IUGS International Union of Geological Sciences

BIR Bureau of International Recycling

REA Renewable Energy Association

NWRA National Waste & Recycling Association

GCCA Global Cleantech Cluster Association

MPA Mineral Products Association

EEB European Environmental Bureau

ECHA European Chemicals Agency

ETRA European Tyre Recycling Association

ETRMA European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturer´s Association

ORGALIME The European Engineering Industries Association

CEEMET Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based Industries

DIGITALEUROPE The Digital Technology Industry

WORLDSTEEL The World Steel Association

EUROFER European Steel Association

EUROMETAUX European Bon-Ferrous Metals Association

ARGE The European Federation Of Association of Locks & Builders

ASD AeroSpace and Defence Industrien Association of Europe

AVERE The European Association for Electromobility

CAEF The European Foundry Association

CECE Committee for European Construction Equipment

CECIMO The European Association of the Machine Tool Industries

CEIR Center For Exhibition Industry Research

CEMEP The European Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics

CESA Catering Equipment Suppliers Association

CLEPA The Prominent Suppliers for Car Parts, Systems and Modules

CIMAC International Council On Combution Engines

COCIR The European Trade Associations of Medical Industries

COLIBI, COLIPED Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry

EAA Experimental Aircraft Association

EHA The European Hematology Association

EMEC European Marine Energy Centre

EUMABOIS European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufactures

EUROFORGE The Net-Work Builder for The European Forging Associations/Companies

EUROPACABLE The Largest Cable Makers in The World

EUROPUMP The Europump European Association of Pump Manufactures

EUROSPACE The Trade Association of The European Space Industry

EUROTRANS European Drive Tecnology

EUROVENT Europe´s Industry Association of Indoor Climate and Processes

EWEA European Wind Energy Association

FEM European Materials Handling Federation

FIDIC International Federation of Consulting Engineers

ISTMA International Special Tooling and Machining Association

WORLD ALUMINIUM International Aluminium Institute

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