Partner or Investor

We are looking for investors or partners to internationalize our unique concept to the global markets.

  • On the Internet there are vertical marketplaces for chemicals, plastics, paper, energy, metals and petroleum products, but no horizontal marketplaces have previously been offered.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of sellers and buyers in global business.
  • Most of the purchases by industrial companies are related to the manufacture of their own products. Raw materials or components are purchased at high volumes, and conventional raw  materials do not usually have strategic significance.
  • The advantage of global marketplaces is the better availability of products and lower prices.
  • Digital marketplaces are becoming a corporate megatrend globally.
  • A global unique concept that has no competitors in the world.
  • No purchase inputs and tied up capital.
  • No risk in sales, because we are a broker and not a legal party to the sale.
  • The technology of marketplaces, search and watchdog services, automated sales and purchasing processes and electronic contract archives provide our customers with local and global sales and purchases.
  • We combine sellers, buyers and service providers.

Please, see the following business plans for more information:

Please, see The Description of Portalisaatio Marketplaces and our Investor Guidelines for more information!